Not Just Code

We believe software should work.
That's why we build you systems that do.

Always salt your hashes!

How We Help

Are you missing out on business opportunities?
Do you need real technical insight, and not just code?
We're here to help you.

What would the world be like without Captain Hook? There'd be a lot more callbacks.
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We believe software consultancy should deliver exactly what you need.
That's why we'll take your project all the way from requirements capture to support, or anything in between.

Listening to this pipe might just make your ear wet.
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Web Applications

We believe web applications should win emerging markets.
That's why we craft web applications that bring you right to the cutting edge.

Debugging can be a forking nightmare.
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We believe databases should be fast.
That's why we build databases that accelerate your business.

The release branch of this site.
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We believe good design needs no explanation.
That's why we design interfaces for the people who use them.

What? We like hooks!
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Embedded Systems

We believe embedded systems should be reliable.
That's why we write embedded software that lasts.

Threads: the cheaper alternative to processes. They're also useful for darning.
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We believe in being flexible. That's why we can write software for you in any of over 30 programming languages, including:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL (including MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  • JavaScript (including jQuery)
  • C++
  • C
  • Perl

We have extensive development experience with all the major mobile and desktop platforms, and everything we ship is signed off by at least one other qualified engineer.

These are public keys. Never leave your private keys where people can see them!
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So Much More

We believe software should be tailored to your needs.
That's why we offer so much more than we can fit on this page.

If you'd like to ask about something else, get in touch!

Turns out if/else statements don't photograph so well.