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Web App Development

As a software development company with an extensive range of technical skills, Not Just Code has a wealth of experience and expertise in bringing to market Web App projects of all sizes.

Through these projects, we have developed a reliable and efficient process for turning your idea into a reality.

We tend to prefer Django to Rails.


In this phase, we take the requirements specification from the previous stage and prescribe exactly how we're going to meet every part of it. Once we've finished this stage, we deliver a Design Specification, which gives a full, detailed breakdown of exactly how the proposed implementation will work, including a project plan with timelines for delivery.

Interface Design

We believe in consistent and intuitive user interfaces. A good user interface lowers barriers for the adoption of systems and reduces the need for upfront training and ongoing support calls. This allows a system to scale in terms of customers and users without creating an additional support burden.

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With the technical and aesthetic designs in hand, we're able to work through each one, writing the code and connecting the technologies that we decided on during the design phase. In this way, we are able to reliably deliver on the project plan to bring you the results we agreed.

On completion of this stage, we deliver full source code for the project, with complete build and installation instructions, even if the project's scope includes Not Just Code deploying the system to a production server.


All code is fully documented at the time of writing (rather than being a task tagged onto the end of the project as an afterthought). This means it’s clear to any qualified technical expert how the system was implemented and how to alter it safely and quickly.

Coding Standard

The Not Just Code coding standard documents the rules which must be adhered to when writing code. The standard facilitates the development of high quality, reliable, readable code. This eradicates quirky or personal coding styles and ensures that delivered code is consistent and therefore easier to maintain.

Peer Review

Every part of the implementation is subject to full peer review. This means that another engineer looks over each part of the implementation and signs off on it before it is added to the code base.


Before submitting a code review all code is tested locally by the responsible developer. Depending on the project’s chosen methodology this can include automated unit tests, integration tests, regression tests and deployment tests in addition to manual tests.

Don't worry, these shells are secure.


The use of automated deployment scripts means that manual interaction with servers is kept to a minimum and lowers the risks associated with human error. This process dovetails nicely into a full backup and disaster recovery strategy so that in the highly unlikely event of a full server failure the system can be back up and running in the shortest possible time. Automated deployment also provides a safe method for updates and modifications to be made in the future.

Training & Support

We are more than happy to provide training for our clients, and this is usually carried out during the final stages of the implementation phase. That way, you're ready to take full advantage of the new technology as soon as it goes live.

In terms of ongoing support, we are happy to negotiate a structure for this as the project moves forward. From hourly-rate, no-commitment arrangements to fixed-price all-inclusive deals, we can provide you with the best fit for how you operate.


While the process that we've outlined does a great job of making sure everything is right the first time, we understand that sometimes change is unavoidable. After all, there are times when some aspects of a project only become apparent once it's started. For this reason, we work with you to minimise the impact of changes on both cost and lead times by bringing to bear our full engineering expertise.